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We have moved!

The whole site was closed by end of february 2009. Therefor I had to move the Organsier II homepage to a new location:

The good news is that I am currently working on a complete relaunch of the homepage (wiki-based). has been closed down! March 11, 2002

Luckily I have made a backup just before the unexpected arrived. This is why you may read the original site contents here. Currently this is just a mirror and it may well be that some links are broken.

The Psion Organiser Homepage

Talking of things lost & found:

The Psion One (!) User Manual

Organiser One (!), the rare 1984 original manual, now ONLINE.


IPSO FACTO re-published!

and also:
The complete list of Organiser II System Calls
(lousy layout but damn useful)

Or how about the HD6303X manual (pdf, 2.1 MB @ Farnell)

Are you tired of CL.EXE slowing down your system?
Or even worse, it dosn't even run on your system?

A solution is at hand!

Visit the Psi2Win homepage!

Commslink Server for Psion Organiser II

Sorry, the rest of this site is under construction as always... (last update: 2009-02-20)

The Psion Organiser II Forum is up and kicking.

The technical manual has been completely redesigned and extended. It is now part of the growing ORGANISER II HOMEPAGE, which will probably replace this page soon.
(The old version is still at my private homepage.)


Checkout what's here!!!

UPDATE: OPL preprocessor V1.00 (finally, after almost 5 years rest)

to come: UDG animator - comms suite - ...



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