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The Psion Organiser II Model Oracle

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So you have an Organiser II, but what is it really?

Well, if it's a CM then it is the most basic form of Psion Organiser available. It has 8k of memory and limited expansion capabilities! Rumours say it's possible to upgrade the memory to 16k by grafting a surface mount memory chip onto the PCB, but as for the expansion - forget it. You will never be able to use 128k DataPaks! You may only be able to transfer the smallest of programmes to your CM from your PC due to a lack of memory!

You may have an XP, but is it really an XP?

Did you know that Psion released an updated version of the XP and called it the LA!
It seems that the original XP was not good enough for the USA market - it had to be beefed up. The memory was increased to 32k, but both the XP and LA look the same and are labeled identically.

Well, may be you have a LZ. There are 2 versions of this little beasty.

The plain old LZ which is just a 32k machine, and, the not quite so plain LZ64 (sometimes referred to as the LP), easy to work out that this is a 64k version of the basic LZ.

Confused? You should be by now. But read on!

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This page will help you discover what model and version organiser you have.


Model type:  
Rom version:

NOTE: The oracle uses Javascript by Jaap Scherphuis.

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The table below lists all organiser models. Note that the Organiser Mark 1 is included for completeness.

Most of the base models were also produced as POS (Point Of Sale) versions, either with a full alphanumeric keyboard (POS-250,350,4xx), or a numeric one (POS-100,200,296).

Model Label Display RAM ROM POS-Version
Mark 1 - 1x16 2-8k 4k POS-100
CM CM 2x16 8K 32K  
XP XP 16K POS-250
LA 32K
multilingual LA 64K  
  96K 32K POS-350
LZ LZ 4x20 32K 64K POS-432
LP LZ64 64K POS-464

The difference between the normal Organiser and the POS variants is in the handling of the top level. The normal Organiser shows the main menu, while the POS machines scan all packs for an OPL procedure called BOOT. The procedure is run, if found, otherwise INSERT PACK or PACK? is displayed and the Organiser switches off.

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