Free DataPack Erasing Service

If you have DataPacks which are desperately in need of erasure, all you need to do is to

  • put them in a Jiffy bag and
  • send them to one of the participers below.

Your Datapack(s) will be erased, completely free of charge (excluding return postage costs), and returned to you as quickly as possible!

If you need to get some data on a pack and haven't got a commslink, these people will probably be helpful too.

Please email the participator first, requesting this service. Postal address details will be sent to you in return.

~ DataPack Erasing ~
Great Britain
& anywhere else

Arthur Frelford

Brian Perrett
Neil Webb
Peter White
Thillai N Seelaan
Ray Buttery

& anywhere else
Rob Kroll
& anywhere else
Alan Shapcott
& anywhere else
Denis Fournier
Norway only
(due to high postage costs)
Trygve Henriksen
remove '[no spam]'!
  participators wanted !!

Urgent warning: Recently I sent a datapack in a jiffy bag but nevertheless the postal services managed to destroy it completely. They smashed the cabinet and the chip. So you are strongly advised to use a small cardbord box additional to a jiffy bag for sending!


Disclaimer Please Read.

We (the site owners and the datapack erasers) will not accept responsibility
any loss or damage to DataPacks sent for erasure.

DataPacks are sent entirely at the owners risk.

Faulty DataPacks will be returned with a covering note
explaining the fault or the symptoms of the fault.
It is strongly advised that DataPacks are sent by either recorder
or registered delivery and insured against loss or damage.

This service is provided entirely at the owners risk.

Remember, it's free!




& anywhere else
participators wanted

If you would like to volunteer your services as a
DataPack Eraser:
Please send an email with your details (postal address etc.), thanks.