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These pages are all about programming machine code on the Psion Organiser.

o Numbers and Number Systems.
  An explanation of number systems including binary, hexadecimal and binary coded decimal.
o Flags and Arithmetic.
  An explanation of flags and how they are used in arithmetic. Also a brief run-down of all other machine code instructions.
o Storing Machine Code.
  Shows places where machine code can be stored, and how to do so.
o Alphabetic list of mnemonics.
  With their opcodes, effects on flags, and very brief descriptions.
o Table of mnemonics.
  This table also shows the character sets of the Psion.
o Table of System Variables.
  Nearly a complete list of the sytem variables on all Psions.
o System services, Introduction
o System services, part 1
o System services, part 2
o System services, part 3 (LZ only)
  These pages contain a detailed list of system services, the built-in ROM routines that are indispensible when you are writing machine code pprograms.
o Psion Machine Code Tutor Part One.
o Psion Machine Code Tutor Part Two.
o Psion Machine Code Tutor Part Three.
o Psion Machine Code Tutor Part Four.
o Psion Machine Code Tutor Part Five.
  This series is a tutorial explaining in great depth how to program the Psion Organiser II using machine code.
It is not written to explain machine code instructions, this information is available in the the book by Bill Aitken, but rather to show how to handle small machine code programs on the Organiser. It is hoped that these examples will give you the confidence required to try programming your own routines. You will of course need to know how to program OPL. Also a passing knowledge of what bytes and addresses are is helpful, an understanding of hexadecimal numbers is also an advantage, but strictly not necessary.
o Download - Machine Code Tutor - Text format 11k.
o Download - Machine Code Tutor - MSWord format - 34k.
o Download - Example Machine Code Support Files - 2k.
  You can download the five part tutorial here.

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Machine Code Programming on the Psion Organiser

by Bill Aitken.

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