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how it all began:
Important News March 11, 2002 is no
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Welcome to the rest of these pages
This web site is kind of a mirror of the deceased site dedicated to the Psion Organiser II CM, XP & LZ range of handheld computers.

If you are a user of any of the Organiser II computers then you will really feel at home here!

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Editors note
The 20th birthday of the organiser was was rapidly approaching and has passed by without notice...
...and so the 12th birthday of the former
In march 2009 this site will celebrate its seventh birthday...

However, now is time for a change...

Web2.0 gives me the opportunity to return this site to you, the user!
I'm currently turning the lots of information contained in thes pages into a wiki!

Yours, Boris Cornet

Commslink Server for Psion Organiser II   

Are you tired of CL.EXE slowing down your system?
r even worse: It doesn't even run on your system?
A solution is at hand!

Visit the Psi2Win homepage!

The Newsletter:

I have established an email based newsletter to keep you informed of what's going on at this site.
If you want to subscribe, just send an email to with 'SUBSCRIBE' in the subject line.

Note: The forum offers automatic notification of new posts. If you subscribe to the Board 'Site Info - News', you will receive exactly the same info as with the mailing list, but you may opt in and out by yourself. Besides its a little bit less work for me...


State of the project:

The former 'chat' has been replaced by the forum.

Latest major additions:

New: Pos2LZ64
This patch converts a POS 464 organiser to a normal LZ64 (just like Pos2Org converts a P2xx or P350 to an ordinary XP). It will probably also work with a P432. Details...

Dr. Andrew Smith contributed two excellent articles:
How to build a Parallel Interface and
Schematics of a Printer Adapter

The Organiser II Technical Manual
Probably much more than you ever wanted to know about the Organiser II...

The FREE DataPack Erasing Service has been reinstalled!

Another new page: the wonderful true story of a lonesome LZ in China

Other contributions are welcome!

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These pages are still available
amongst others (see buttons on the left side):

Manuals - We have added several new manuals:
  - The Comms link manual
  - The LZ Operating manual
  - The LZ Programming manual
  - The Spreadsheet manual
For an overview of all our manuals, go to the manuals page.

Packs page - This page explains exactly what the differences are between datapacks, rampacks and flashpacks, and how to use them properly.

MC system services - A new addition to the Machine Code Pages, listing all the ROM operating system calls that are available:
  - The system services Introduction
  - The CM/XP system services part 1
  - The CM/XP system services part 2
  - The LZ system services
For an overview of all our machine code pages, go to the MC Tutor.

Psion Links - comprehensive collection of links to others Psion Organiser II related web sites. There aren't as many new sites as we would wish, but there should be something here to spark your interest.



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