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This Psion Organiser II web site is closed.

The Psion Organiser II web site was launched in October 1996 in the five and half years of it's existence it has provided a comprehensive and valuable information resource for Organiser users around the world.

Psion themselves have even used the services of this web site to satisfy their customers as they no longer support the Organiser II. I have approached Psion on a number of occasions during the life of this web site requesting sponsorship and or the release of a number of their now extinct programs, in-depth documentation or circuitry for the Organiser which could have been of great interest to visitors of this site. They never gave their support nor did they offer any of their dated software or documentation etc. to users of this web site. In fact, on all but one occasion did they bother to even reply to my letters or emails.

Other methods have been employed to try to raise funds to help with the running costs of this web site but have received little or no response from visitors.

I am sure that it has not escaped your notice that the Org2 pages have not been updated in the past months. The reason for this is lack of time not only on my behalf but also Jaap who has successfully completed his university course and is now in full time employment. I have asked for help from others but the continuation of this site in its current format has always been an issue.

The auction has become a victim of its own success. The number of entries of late has caused great distress to some registered users who have complained about the number of notification emails they have been receiving. We employ a method of self removal (and manual removal) service but it seems that many users never make a note of their password so can not unregister themselves!

The 'Email Scam' report in the BBS chatline I am sure will result in a flood of complaints to us, although this sort of thing is unavoidable unless Internet users take precautions to never post their email address anywhere on the web.

So it is with great sadness that I am calling it a day.

I would like to offer my sincere thanks to all those who helped to make the Org2 web site the success that it has been, with a very special thank you going to Jaap, without his help together with his exceptional programming talents the period existence of this website would have been much less.


The auction will remain until all entries have expired.