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Inside the Psion Organiser 1

It was a nail-biting decision, but it had to be made. Screwdriver in hand, a deep breath and in a couple of minutes the priceless acquisition was in pieces on the table!

Well could you have become the owner of a Psion Organiser 1 and not want to look inside?

psi_1a.jpg (20673 bytes)

As can be seen there is not much in side the case! It looks remarkable similar to an Organiser II. May be a few less chips - there are only three large chips, one has a thick-film resistor soldered on to its top (near the XTAL, bottom left). There is also an after-thought diode hard wired between two points on the circuit. It is blatantly obvious that this is an older design than the Organiser II as there are many conventional sized components as opposed to the more common surface mount components now-a-days.

psi_1b.jpg (21250 bytes)

This angle looks just like an Organiser II, other than the black case and the different trim. Notice the old PP3 battery connector.

psi_1c.jpg (23448 bytes)

This angle clearly shows the thick-film resistor attached to the top of the chip in the bottom right of the image and the added diode left to right across the middle of the bottom circuit board.