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The Psion Organiser 1

One of our early objectives was to acquire and review the very first Psion computer - the Psion Organiser 1, our dream has finally been realised!

But were we impressed with this predecessor of the Organiser II? Read on and discover what we think about this highly desirable piece of kit.

Many thanks to Kevin Fraser from Canada for supplying the Psion 1. We were contacted by Kevin, a keen Psion user, who not only owned a Psion 1 but was also prepared to part with it! After a few messages passing back and forth between us and organising the shipping etc. from Canada to the UK our new baby finally arrived.

This new section of the Psion Organiser II CM, XP & LZ Homepages is dedicated the very first Psion Organiser computer. We intend to explore every aspect of this little beauty, not only its operation but also its visual appearance internal as well as external, Jaap will be looking at its software and exploring just what can be achieved by this early pocket computer.

It is, as you can see from the image, quite a handsome beast. Its black case is not only very different from the Organiser II but also very stylish. The display trim is quite attractive with its red and black outlines and you may have noticed that the keys, well, they are even smaller than those of the Organiser II.

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As with the the Organiser II there are two datapak slots 'B' & 'C' but no top slot 'D' for a Comms Link, this fits in either 'B' or 'C'.

This Organiser is quite different to use compared to its successor, the main difference is that it only has one line of 16 characters for displaying data which we have found to be quite confusing at times!

I am sure that you will be amazed by the information contained within this section of the Organiser II pages. There is a lot to tell about this fascinating computer - the Psion Organiser 1. I hope you enjoy reading about it.


Years later (August 2005):
Finally I have got hold of a copy of the original user manual. Of course, I have added the information to this site.

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