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Before you download any of these programs please read the disclaimer!

File Name kb Mod Type Description
Adventure 15k All Game Full adventure which requires a 32k Datapak.
Alzan 6k All Game A small adventure which Jim wrote as a test for his full adventure.
Anniv99 10k LZ Util A complete birthday and yearly event package.
Assembler 158k PC Tool A cross assembler to make machine code programs.
Astro 27k LZ Util An incredible astronomical calculator for the LZ.
Ayo 6k All Game A version of the african pebble game, Mancala.
BackAll 4k LZ Tool Backup contents of a Datapak a, b or c, by Comms Link to a PC.
Bagels 5k LZ Game Bagels is the predecessor of the game: Mastermind.
Bomber 2k LZ Game Bomb the buildings to land the plane.
Border 2k LZ Util Change the border around an CM/XP program running on a LZ.
Boulder 8k LZ Game A classic boulderdash type game with rocks, diamonds and keys etc.
Levels 2k LZ Game Extra levels for Boulder.
Chomp 6k LZ Game Excellent Nim-like game played against the Psion.
Connect 4 7k LZ Game The famous game just as the original but in black & white!
Connect 4 6k LZ Game Another Connect 4 which plays much better than the one above and is difficult to beat.
Copy-protection 1k All Tool Copy/write protect a datapack.
Darts 11k All App Keeps score in a darts game.
Date 2k LZ Util Calculate the number of days between dates.
Design-XP 6k XP Tool Design UDG's by moving a one pixel cursor around the display.
Dice 2k LZ App Simple but effective, functioning dice program.
Fifteen 1k All Game The classic sliding puzzle game.
File Dir 1k All Tool An elegant program that lists all data files on all packs.
Files 3k All Tool Sophisticated file examination program.
FileXfer 22k LZ Tool Extension of file transfer procedures for XP Comms Link interface.
FilmPsi 36k LZ App Many conversion and calculation programs for film camera operators. Comms Link interface.
Finder 35 16k XP Tool Replacement for FIND/SAVE/INFO menu options.
Flights 4k All App Maintains a file of your personal flight information.
Flipside 1k LZ Game Puzzle. Flip squares to make them one colour.
Fonts 7k PC Util Two VGA fonts to emulate the Psion font with your PC editor.
Fuel 5k LZ Util Fuel usage data logger for determining MPK etc.
Games Pak 7k LZ Game Quad (Tetris), Pac(man), Break(out) and Tiles.
GPakShell 5k LZ Util A shell for Games Pak which will launch the games more effectively.
Hangman 5k LZ Game Hangman actually comprises of two games Hangman and Anagrams
Hangman XP 3k CM/XP Game 2-line version of Hangman/Anagram.
Hamurabi 3k All Game Economic God type game.
Hex Calculator 5k All Appl A simple to use Hex Calculator.
HexLoader 16k All Appl The Hexloader described in the book 'Machine Code Programming on the Psion Organiser' by Bill Aitken, used for developing and testing machine code applications.
Info 3k All Util Good alternative to built-in INFO option.
Invaders 6k LZ Game Invaders the classic shoot'em-up game.
Keys111 7k All Util A tiny memory-resident program for typing any character at any time.
Khem 4k LZ Util Periodic table of chemical elements.
Life 11k LZ Game Implementation of John Conway's 'Game of Life'
Load 7k LZ Tool A menu-driven program for transferring OB3 files easily.
Lock 2k All Util This is an excellent password protection program.
Login 15k LZ Util Excellent LZ password protection program
Lotto XP-LZ 3k All App Lotto is a random number selector - 6 numbers between 1 & 49.
LZ Maze 6k LZ Game A 20*20 grid which features randomly created walls etc.
Make-Procedure 5k PC Tool Converts a binary machine code file to a Psion procedure.
Mastermind 11k LZ Game Play against Psion - holes (2-8), colours (2-10) max guesses (3-20).
Mastermind 9k CM Game As above, but for 2-line machines.
Mata 1k All Game Educational game for kids learning arithmetic.
Maze 9k LZ Game Smooth scrolling computer generated maze written in Machine code!
MC Tetris 7k LZ Game A very fast machine code version of the old favourite - Tetris.
Menu 2k All Util Constructs a program menu from a file.
MoneyLZ 7k LZ App Allows monitoring of income/expenditure for bank acc & credit card.
Morse Tutor 3k All App Written to assist the beginner to learn to read Morse Code fluently.
Navlite 8k All App Navigational aid for flying enthusiasts.
Notes + 7k LZ App Notepad Enhancement - Choose between several notepads etc.
OPL Guide XP 42k PC Tool MS Word Document OPL Guide.
Pack Mem 1k All Util shows the amount of free space available on the packs.
Pegs 9k LZ Game Clear a board filled with pegs except for an empty centre position.
Phone-XP 8k All App Personal phone database manipulation program.
Piano 1k All App Play music on Psion keyboard.
Pi Generator 3k All App Calculates decimals of Pi.
Plato 3k All Game Animation of Tetrahedron,Cube,Octahedron or Icosahedron.
Pos2Org 3k POS Util Convert a POS machine to a normal organiser.
PrtFile 1k All Util Prints data file in nice format.
PSI-Graph 1k LZ Util Displays bargraphs on screen.
PsiTools PC 88k PC Tool Version 2.11 of Psion PC Tools: CL.exe, S-boot.exe etc.
PsiTools MAC 34k Mac Tool Macintosh version of PC Tools.
PsiTools MAC 49k Mac Tool As above, but in StuffIt format.
Reversi 8k LZ Game Play reversi/othello against the Psion.
Racer 5k LZ Game A scrolling racing game by the author of gamespack.
RPNcalc 16k All App Full featured Reverse Polish Notation calculator.
Sat 2k All App Geostationary satellite tracker
Schuif 7k LZ Game A sliding puzzle game ('schuif' means 'slide' in Dutch).
Scroll 4k LZ Game A scrolling maze game, with nasties in the maze as well.
Scoop 5k LZ Game A smooth scrolling game, where you clear spacejunk in orbit.
Send Pack 2k All Tool Sends a copy of a pack to the PC.
Sendprog 1k All Tool Simple file transfer utility.
Send Rom 2k All Tool Sends a copy of the Psion's ROM to the PC.
SetUp 8k LZ Tool Configure user settings described in the Psion programming manual.
Snowboarding 3k LZ Game A snowboarding simulation.
Sort 4k All Tool Sort a file on any field, in normal or reverse order.
Split 4k PC Tool Splits an OB3 file into source and object code.
Split OPK 9k PC Tool Splits an OPK pack image file.
3D Tic-Tac-Toe 5k LZ Game Tic-Tac-Toe in a 4x4x4 cube.
Tic-Tac-Toe 3k All Game A graphical version of ordinary Tic-Tac-Toe.
TOB3 2k All Tool Used to transfer .OB3 objectcode files from the PC to the Organiser.
Trivia 38k LZ Game Organised Trivia is a Trivial Pursuit type game.
Twist 3k LZ Game A puzzle, related to the 2x2x2 Rubik's cube.
Undelete 5k All Util Undelete files on a datapack.
Utilprog 10k All Utils Utilities for programmers.
Utils #1 12k LZ Utils Conversion programs for temp, distance, weights etc.
WClk 5k LZ App Shows clocks and counts for swimming workouts for up to four simultaneous sets.
World Time 3k CM Util Clock with timezones.
Worm 8k LZ Game Classic guide the snake & try to eat as many little flowers as possible.
Worm2 2k All Game Classic guide the snake & try to eat as much as possible.
XFiles 3k CM Util Comprehensive file manager.
Y2000 Bug Fix 5k CM Util A bugfix for the millenium bug. See also this page.
ZMaze 16k LZ Game Interesting Maze game which has a number of interesting features.


Disclaimer - Please Read.
All programs included within these pages are provided for your entertainment and as such no responsibility is accepted what-so-ever for disruption, damage and/or loss of data to your computer system, which could possibly occur whilst using programs contained within the Psion Organiser II FTP archive. Please ensure that you have up-to-date backups of data stored in your Organiser and your computer hard drive before running any new software which you may down load.
If you accept these conditions then you are free to down load any programs that you wish from this archive.


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