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The Psion II Quiz.

By Jaap Scherphuis.

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This is a little quiz to test your knowledge about the Psion series II. There are 8 multiple choice questions, some simple and some hard. When you think you have them all correct, click the 'How did I do?' button at the bottom of the quiz to find out how many mistakes you have made. If you give up and want to know which questions you have wrong, click the 'OK, show me!' button.

All the answers can be found somewhere on our pages. Each question comes with a 'Hint' button. This will tell you on which page the answer can be found, and even open up a new window with that page if you want it to.

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1. Who originally founded Psion?

a) John Palmer
b) David Palmer
c) David Potter
d) John Potter
e) John Davidson
f) David Johnson

2. How many basic models are there?

a) One
b) Two
c) Three
d) Four
e) More than four

3. Which model has the most RAM memory?

a) Model CM
b) Model P250
c) Model P350
d) Model XP
e) Model LA
f) Model LZ
g) Model LZ64

4. Which models have trouble with the year 2000?

a) Model CM only
b) All 2 line models
c) All models

5. How many alarms (excl. diary alarms) can be set simultaneously?

a) One
b) Two
c) Four
d) Eight
e) Ten
f) As many as memory allows

6. Which of these OPL commands sounds an A note (440Hz) for one second?

a) BEEP 1000,2056
b) BEEP 2056,1000
c) BEEP 1000,440
d) BEEP 440,1000

7. Which of these OPL commands disables the keyboard click?

a) POKEB $78,0
b) POKEB $7C,0
c) POKEB $20C0,0
d) POKEW $20CD,0

8. Who wrote the book 'Machine Code Programming on the Psion Organiser'?

a) Bill Aitken
b) Bill Atkins
c) Bill Addison
d) Bill Attlee

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