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You must have experienced that terrible moment, when, after changing your Psion Organiser battery and switching on again, you are faced with this spine chilling message:

C Copyright
Psion PLC. 1986

It really is annoying! Especially when you had taken the trouble to connect up your power supply before changing that darn battery to ensure that it didn't happen!

But, you forgot to check that the power socket, where your power supply is plugged into, was switched on, didn't you?

Well, do not despair a solution is at hand ;-}

Take a look to the right (Image 1) - a power supply adapter with a power indicator. Nice idea wouldn't you agree?

It looks just like a Comms Link, doesn't it?

Why didn't Psion think of adding a L.E.D (light emitting diode) to the power supply adapter? It would have made life that little bit more easier for us.

Psion PS addapter.Image 1.
Look again to the right (image 2), there, you can examine the inside of the modified power supply adapter. The very simple addition of the L.E.D is clearly visible.

Just two of pieces of wire, a L.E.D (light emitting diode), a 330 ohm .25 watt resistor and all you need to finish the job is a dab hand with a soldering iron. Oh! not forgetting a small drill for making the hole in the case for the L.E.D.

Inside the Psion PS addapter.Image 2.

Now before you start to modify your power supply adapter we must get one point clear:


Disclaimer - Please Read.

Before you start to operate on your Psion Organiser II power supply adapter please be aware that I accept no responsibility what-so-ever if you spoil/damage/destroy any part of either your power supply adapter, your Psion Organiser or any other item!

Please read these instructions carefully and be sure that you are able to follow them to the letter and can complete the procedure successfully before you embark upon this project.


Disassembly of the power adapter case:
  • On the rear of the case you will see a small black screw, remove this and store in a safe place.
  • Grasp the two halves of the case and carefully pull them apart from the top. The case clips together so it will pop apart with quite a firm click.
    Once apart the P.C.B (printed circuit board) is easily removed.
  • Take the 330 Ohm resistor and cut the leads to about .5 cm, solder one end of the resistor to the centre connection of the black power socket on the power supply circuit board and attach the red wire to the other end of the resistor.

List of parts required:

330 Ohm Resistor.
1* 330 Ohm .25 watt.
Colour coded:
Orange, Orange, Brown.

3mm L.E.D.
1* 3mm Round L.E.D (Light Emitting Diode.) Available in
Red, Green or Blue.

2* Pieces of wire. (preferably different colours,
Blue and Red would be very appropriate.)

Good luck and hopefully you will never again lose data while changing your Psion battery ;-}


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