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Part One: Tutorial

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Part Two: Reference

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The Psion Pocket Spreadsheet can be thought of as a electronic sheet of paper. This sheet is divided into a grid of boxes, rather like a sheet of graph paper.

This simple arrangement, when transformed by the processing power of the Organiser, forms perhaps the most versatile and powerful tool you can add to your computer.

The information produced on your Pocket Spreadsheet as not just for you alone; it can be shared with colleagues. Worksheets produced on the Organiser can be transferred to a desktop computer to run in Lotus 1-2-3 or Symphony, and worksheets prepared in Lotus 1-2-3 or Symphony (or any other spreadsheets which accept DIF extension files) can be transferred just as easily to the Organiser.

The Pocket Spreadsheet gives you the power and flexibility of spreadsheets costing many times as much, together with the portability and ease of use of a pocket calculator.

The Psion Pocket Spreadsheet does not run on the Psion Organiser Model CM.


Fitting the pack

In the same box as this manual is a program pack. Its external appearance is identical to that of Datapaks, which are discussed in the Organiser manual. To insert the pack:

The program pack may be used in either of the side slots.


Starting up

The Psion Pocket Spreadsheet requires around 8K of memory, but if large worksheets are to be used then more free memory will be required.

To run the Spreadsheet:

Straight away you will see the top left corner of the grid. The tutorial chapters which form Part One explain where to go from here. However, if you are already familiar with spreadsheets, you can go straight to the reference chapters, which contain a summary of the particular features of the Psion Pocket Spreadsheet.


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