10h DP$EMIT short_desc
Input A register - Character to be emitted.
Output - none -
Description Outputs a character to the LCD display. Control characters ASCII 0 to 7 display the 8 user definable graphics characters. All control characters work as usual.

The display buffers are updated by this routine to give an accurate reflection of what is actually on the screen.

The cursor position is automatically incremented when any displayable (ie. non control characters) are output. When the cursor reaches the end of the top line it will wrap around to the beginning of the bottom line. When the cursor reaches the end of the bottom line the bottom line will be scrolled to the left.

Example The following example refreshes the display on the top line, clears then displays the character "?" on the bottom line.
        LDAA    #12h
        OS      DP$EMIT         ; redisplay top line
        LDAA    #0Fh
        OS      DP$EMIT         ; clear bottom line
        LDAA    #3Fh
        OS      DP$EMIT         ; display question mark
Errors - none -