1Ch ED$EDIT invoke line editor
A register -  Bit 0 clear for single-line editing.
Bit 0 set for multi-line editing.
Bit 1 set for up/down to exit editor in single-line editing. LZ only.
Bit 7 clear for exit on MODE key.
Bit 7 set for no exit on MODE key.
B register - Maximum input length.
Output B register - Terminating key.
Description Calls the line-editor service routine ED$EPOS with 0 in UTW_S0 for positioning the cursor initially on the first editable character.

See ED$EPOS for a full description.

Example Input a name.
; Display the prompt
        OS      UT$DISP         ; Display the prompt
        DB      #12             ; Clear screen
        ASCIZ   "Name: "
        CLR     RTB_BL          ; No default string
        LDAB    #8              ; Maximum input of 8 characters to input
        CLRA                    ; Single-line edit, with exit on MODE
        OS      ED$EDIT         ; Get the name
        CMPB    #K_MODE         ; Terminated with MODE key?
        BEQ     ISMODE
ISMODE:                         ; Here if MODE pressed to stop editing
Errors - none -