2Ch FL$FIND find a string
Input D = address of search string (leading count byte)
X = where to put the record found (leading byte count)
Output A = the record type of the record found
Description Finds the next record of the current record type on the current datapack which contains the given search string at D. If a match occurs, the record found is placed at X. Both the search string and the found string are leading byte count.

FL$FIND leaves the current file position on the found record, if there is no match, reports error "END OF FILE" and leaves the current position at the end of file.

Used in the OPL function FIND.

Example To find the first occurrence of the string "SETTLE" in the current file :
        LDX     #1
        OS      FL$RSET         ; set to the first record
        BCS     ERROR

        LDD     #SEARCH_STRING
        LDX     #FOUND_STRING   ; where string found will be returned
        OS      FL$FIND
        BCC     FOUND

        CMPB    238
        BNE     ERROR


        ASCIC   "SETTLE"

        DS      256
Errors 194 - battery too low
200 - read pack err
238 - end of file (no match occurred)
240 - unknown pack
241 - pack not blank
243 - bad device name
245 - write pack err
246 - no pack