98h FL$GETX get extension for a file type
Input A register - file type.
X register - Where to put the file extension.
UTW_S0+1 - OPL file type IF A=$83.
Output B register - length of extension copied into X.
Description Get file extension for type in A reg into X including the dot. The number of bytes copied is returned in B.
  • If A is in range $81 to $8F ".ODB" to ".TYF" will be copied.
  • If A=$83, UTW_S0+1 should contain 0 for OPL, 1 for OPO, 2 for OPT.
  • If A=0 ".*" is copied (and B returns 2).
  • If A=$FF nothing happens and B returns 0.
  • If A is ridiculous value, garbage will be copied in X.

This call is not available on CM/XP machines.

Errors - none -