93h FL$WFND wildcard find in all data files
Input D register - Address of search string (lbc)
X register - Where to put the record found (lbc)
Output A register - the record type of the record found.

Wild FIND, works exactly like FL$FIND but the wild card characters can be used:

   *    match any number of any characters.
   +    match any 1 character.

Finds a record from the current pack into RAM as a leading byte count string at X. Leaves the record number at the record found.

Starts from the current position - to start from the very beginning, FL$RSET should be called with d = 1.

This call is not available on CM/XP machines.

Errors 194 - battery too low
200 - read pack err
238 - end of file (no match occured)
240 - unknown pack
241 - pack not blank
243 - bad device name
245 - write pack err
246 - no pack