8Fh FL$WPAR parse filename
Input B register - Length of filename to parse.
X register - Points to filename.
Output A register - File type of filename.
B register - Length of body of name (before '.').
UTW_S0+1 - 1 if OPO, 2 if OPT, 0 otherwise.
Description Validates wild card filename at X, with length B. Returns length of body of filename and the file type for the extension.

If the extension is ".*", A reg will be 0.
If there is no extension, A reg will be $ff.

The maximum body length is 8 characters, and file extensions must be 3 characters or ".*".

For extensions ".OPO" and ".OPT", the file type will be returned as $83, the same as ".OPL". If this is the case UTW_S0+1 will contain 1 for ".OPO", 2 for ".OPT", or 0 for OPL.

Returns error 236 if the filename is illegal. A null filename is illegal.

This call is not available on CM/XP machines.

Errors 236 - Bad filename