37h FL$WRIT save a new record
Input X = address of string to be written (leading count byte)
Output - none -

Appends a new record of the current record type to the records on the current device.

The data to be saved in the new record is a leading byte count string at X, containing between one and 254 characters. Records of length 255 are truncated to 254 characters. The current record number is set to the number of records of the current type. A subsequent call to FL$READ will return the record just written.

FL$WRIT checks that there is sufficient space free first. Usually if there is a "WRITE PACK ERROR" on an EPROM, the record will have been deleted.

Used in the OPL command APPEND.

Example To write the record "ILKLEY" to the file C:WYORKS
        ASCIC   "ILKLEY"
        ASCIC   "C:WYORKS"

        LDX     #FILE_NAME
        OS      FL$OPEN
        BCS     ERROR

        LDX     #RECORD
        TST     0,X
        BEQ     DONE
        OS      FL$WRIT
        BCS     ERROR
DONE:   ...
Errors 194 - battery too low
200 - read pack err
232 - pak not copyable
233 - directory full
234 - file not found
236 - bad file name
238 - end of file
239 - pack full
240 - unknown pack
241 - pack not blank
242 - pak changed
243 - bad device name
244 - read only pack
245 - write pack err
246 - no pack