B1h KB$CONK looks for a keypress (cursor on)
Input - none -
Output B register - ASCII value of key taken from buffer.

Waits for a key press and returns it in the B register. This is exactly the same as KB$GETK but turns the cursor ON before waiting for a key and OFF afterwards.

This routine uses the same code as KB$TEST. If there are no keys in the keyboard buffer, a SLP instruction is executed before next testing for a key, in order to save power. When a key is detected, it is removed from the buffer simply by clearing KBB_WAIT.

The auto-switch-off timeout counter TMW_TOUT is reset to the value in TMW_TCNT at the start of this routine, so the machine will not switch off in this routine for TMW_TCNT seconds.

Registers A and X are preserved.

This call is not available on CM/XP machines.

        OS      KB$CONK                 ;WAIT FOR KEY PRESS
        CMPB    #0Dh
        BEQ     EXEKEY                  ;BRANCH IF EXECUTE KEY


Errors - none -