4Dh LG$NEWP create and edit a new file
Input - none -
Output - none -
Description Calls the language editor to create a new file.

This is identical to LG$RLED when it is operating in editing mode except that the file to be edited is created.

Example Creates the OPL file "Q" and lets the user edit and translate it.
        LDD     #256+A/Q/       ; A=1, B='Q'
        STD     RTB_FL          ; FIND buffer contains 'Q'
        LDD     #8300h          ; OPL block file type and allow translation
        STD     LGB_LANT        ; Set LGB_LANT and LGB_MENU which are in 
                                ;   consecutive bytes in memory
        OS      LG$NEWP
Errors - none -