9Ah LN$XSTT run translator for 2 or 4 line machines

A register - translation mode: 0 = two line, 1 = four line
B register - mode (see below)
X register - offset in Q code to run time error (ignored if B register 0 or 1).

Output If an error is detected:
X register - offset to error in TEXTCELL
B register - error number

Acts as translator call LN$STRT except that the A register determines whether the source is to be translated as on CM/XP machines or with the extra OPL features in the LZ.

Runs the translator or locates an instruction in the TEXTCELL.

There are four modes available:

0    translating language procedures
1    translating CALC expressions
2    locating errors in CALC
3    locating errors in language procedures

After a successful translation, the result is put in the QCODE output cell.

If the B register is 2 or 3 and the value of X is greater than the length of the Q code, in other words you are asking for an error past the end of the code, the effect is unpredictable.

This call is not available on CM/XP machines.

                CLRA              ; two line mode
				CLRB              ; translate language procedure
                OS      LN$XSTT
                BCC     DONE
                OS      ER$MESS   ; report error
Errors any translation error