55h MT$FBGN convert floating point to string
Input A register - field width of output string.
B register - number of decimal places (disabled if negative).
X register - address of output buffer.
Output B register - length of the output string.

Converts floating-point accumulator to numeric ascii text in general format, ie. in whichever of the above three formats is the most suitable for the given number and field width.

The output string will be in integer format if the number is a floating-point integer, otherwise decimal format. If the field width is not sufficient for the above, the number is output in scientific format rounded to as many decimal places as can be accommodated. A field width of 7 is sufficient to convert any floating-point number without returning an error, though severe truncation of the mantissa may result.

Fixing the number of decimal places is optional, and is disabled if B is negative (bit 7 set). In this case the number of decimal places will be set equal to the number of significant digits to the right of the decimal point. If B is positive, then it contains the number of decimal places to be fixed.

Returns the output string (not zero-terminated) at the address given by X on entry, with the length of the string in B. X should be preserved before calling, as there is no pointer to the output string on exit.

Other floating point to string conversion utilities: MT$FBDC, MT$FBEX and MT$FBIN.

See also: technical manual > utility system services > floating point numbers

Example The following code will convert the value in the accumulator to a text string in a field width of 16:
        LDX     #STRING_BUF
        LDAB    #80h            ;disable fixed decimal places
        LDAA    #16             ;field width in A
        OS      MT$FBGN

        DS      16
If the accumulator contained e.g. 172.65, STRING_BUF will now contain the string "172.65" and the B register will contain 6. Note that the format in this case is decimal as this can be fitted into the given width. Further examples of the output strings corresponding to various floating-point values follow:
    Accumulator       Width   Dec. Places     Output String

    0                   1     Disabled        0
    3000000.078        20     Disabled        3000000.078
    -0.00005            8     Disabled        -0.00005
    -0.00005            7     Disabled        -5E-05
    123456789012000000 16     Disabled        1.2345678901E+17
    0.00123456789012   16     Disabled        0.00123456789012
    0.99999999          6     Disabled        1E+00
    -0.9                6     Disabled        -0.9
    -0.99999999         7     Disabled        -1E+00
    7000000             4     Disabled        Error
    7000000             7     Disabled        7000000
    5000               10        3            5000.000
    234.77             20       12            234.770000000000
Errors 250 - output string too long for field width or greater than maximum work buffer length of 34 (NUM to STR Error)