58h MT$FMUL floating point multiplication
Input Floating-point registers contain the numbers to be multiplied.
Output Accumulator contains accumulator * operand.

Performs a floating-point multiply on the BCD registers.

The mantissas are multiplied by repeated addition of the operand mantissa into a temporary 28-digit double-precision mantissa (14 bytes) located in the floating-point work buffer at MTT_WBUF+8, ie. immediately following the stored copy of the operand. The top seven bytes, ie. the most significant 14 digits, are then copied from this register into the accumulator and rounded to 12 digits as for addition above.

See also: technical manual > utility system services > floating point numbers

Example To multiply pi (3.14159265359) by -7160, set up the following:
        DB      59h,53h,26h,59h,41h,31h ;mantissa
        DB      0                       ;exponent
        DB      0                       ;sign
        DB      0
        DB      0,0,0,0,60h,71h         ;mantissa
        DB      3                       ;exponent
        DB      80h     
and execute the following code (taking advantage of the fact that the operand follows immediately after the accumulator in memory):
        LDD     #MTT_AMAN+1     ;D -> byte above guard digit
        LDX     #2*SZBCD+1      ;length to move
        STX     UTW_S0:
        LDX     #FP_PI
        OS      UT$CPYB         ;copy constants into registers
        OS      MT$FMUL
The accumulator will now contain the result of -22493.8033997 and will look like this:
    MTT_AMAN:   00
    MTT_AMAN+1: 97
    MTT_AMAN+2: 39
    MTT_AMAN+3: 03
    MTT_AMAN+4: 38
    MTT_AMAN+5: 49
    MTT_AMAN+6: 22
    MTB_AEXP:   04
    MTB_ASGN:   80
The operand is not affected by the operation, so still contains -7160.
Errors 253 - exponent overflow