9Fh NT$ENTR call notepad application
Input B register - Function number.
Output depending on function, see below.

This is the correct way into the LZ notepad from machine code - do not search the main menu for "Notes" and its address, as its name changes in multi-lingual versions.

All four functions begin by clearing the diary's paste buffer which is used in the notepad editor to save the current find string. The block file type and the cell type are then initialised for Notepad editing. After the required function has been called, the block file type and cell type are set up for OPL editing again.

The following functions are available:

  • Function 0 - Initialise notepad. This is called on cold booting the LZ. It inserts the name "Notepad:" into the cell, sets the cursor to the first editable character, clears the system variable NTB_PSSW for no password, sets ntb_flgs=8 for no numbering, name not capitalized, do title line and exit when ON/CLEAR pressed.
  • Function 1 - Call the notepad as from the top-level menu option "Notes".
  • Function 2 - Search first the current notepad and then all saved notepads for a given string. Saved notepads are searched in device order A:, B:, C:. This function is called by the "Search" option on the "Utils" menu. The find string should be in RTT_FF. If an entry matches it will be printed on the bottom line of the screen, and the user can press MODE to edit the notepad at this line, EXE to search for the next match, or ON/CLEAR to abort the search.
    Note that password protected notepads are not searched.
    Output Values:
    • C set: The search went past end of notepad.
    • C clear, B=0: ON/CLR pressed, search aborted.
    • C clear, B=1: MODE pressed, notepad entered, then left.
  • Function 3 - Edit a named notepad as from a top-level notepad menu item that has been added by the user. If the name is not the same as that in the notepad cell, the notepad file is searched for on the paks in order A:, B:, C: and loaded into the cell. Any error messages (eg. File not found, Read pak error) are displayed on detection and no error codes are returned. UTW_S0 points to the name of the notepad to be edited.
  • Function 4 - Checks whether a notepad file is password protected. UTW_S0 points to the name of the notepad to be edited.
    Output Values:
    • B register 0 if unprotected
    • B register non-zero if protected
    • A register has other flags for notepad:
      • bit7 - true if numbered
      • bit3 - true if on/clear exits editor
      • bit2 - true if prompt to be capitalized
      • bit1 - true if no title required

This call is not available on CM/XP machines.

Errors 194 - battery too low
200 - read pack err
234 - file not found
236 - bad file name
238 - end of file
240 - unknown pack
241 - pack not blank
243 - bad device name
245 - write pack err
246 - no pack