60h PK$SADD set pack addresse
Input B register - high 8 bits of pack address.
X register - low 16 bits of pack address.
Output - none -

Sets up address B:X on current pack.

On the CM machine the B register is ignored, otherwise the B and X registers form a 24 bit pack address.

If the slots have been powered down by using PK$OFF, PK$SADD will power up the slots and select the most recently selected slot by calling PK$SETP.

If the address passed is greater than the size of the pack a bad read error will be returned but the address set on the pack will be indeterminate.

Example Set address on pack to 0
        LDX     #0
        OS      PK$SADD
        BCS     ERROR           ; Report error
Set address on pack to $12345 (128k pack)
        LDAB    #01h
        LDX     #$0345h
        OS      PK$SADD
        BCS     ERROR           ; Report error
Errors 246 - no pack in slot
245 - write pack error
242 - pack has changed
243 - selected an invalid pack
194 - battery too low
240 - unknown pack type
244 - attempt to write to read only pack