80h TL$LSET set language
Input B register - language code
Output - none -

Sets language to that specified in the B register.

If the language requested is not available, English is selected. Sets BTB_LANG to the language selected. The top-level menu is re-initialised so any 'inserted items' will be removed.

It is possible to get an error if there is insufficient room in RAM for the new top-level menu (different languages have different sized top-level menus). If an error occurs, the language is unchanged.

Language Codes are:

0 = English
1 = French
2 = German
3 = Spanish
4 = Italian
5 = Portuguese
6 = Swedish
7 = Danish
8 = Norwegian
9 = Dutch
10 = Turkish

Only available on multi-lingual machines (multi-lingual XP and all LZ).

        LDAB    #2              ;select German
        OS      TL$LSET
        BCS     ERROR
Errors - none -