97h TM$DNAM get day name
Input B register - Day of the week 0 - 6 (0 is Monday).
Output X register - Points to the day name string.

Returns X as the address of the 3 letter day name for the day of the week contained in the B register. Day is in current language selected.

If the B register is not in the range 0 - 6, garbage will be returned.

Note that the day name will be in capitals.

This call is not available on CM/XP machines.

Example Displays the 3 letter name for Sunday:
        LDAB    #6              ;Sunday
        OS      TM$DNAM
        LDAB    #3              ;name is always 3 bytes long
        OS      DP$PRNT         ;print the day name on the screen
Errors - none -