B3h TM$TSET set time
Input X register - Points to 6 byte date and time.
Output - none -

Provides a save way to set the system time to the time pointed to by the X register.

The time should not be simply poke'd into the system time variables since an NMI may be updating the time.

This call is not available on CM/XP machines.

Example Set the sytem time to 25th December 1988 at 09.30:00am.
        LDX     #TIME           ;point to 6 byte time to be set
        OS      TM$TSET         ;set the time

TIME:   DB      88              ;year 1988
        DB      11              ;month December
        DB      24              ;day 25th
        DB      9               ;hour 9
        DB      30              ;minutes 30
        DB      00              ;seconds 0
Errors - none -