6Bh TM$UPDT update time and date
Input A register - Number of minutes to update.
B register - Number of seconds to update.
X register - Address of 6 byte buffer containing time.
Output - none -

Updates the time pointed to by X by A minutes and B seconds. A and B must be in the range 0 - 59.

X must point to the year field of the 6 byte time buffer in standard format (year / month / day / hour / minute /second).

        LDX     #BUFFER         ;POINT TO 6 BYTE BUFFER
        OS      TM$TGET         ;GET REALTIME. PRESERVES X
        LDD     #003Bh          ;UPDATE BY 0 MINS 59 SECS.
        OS      TM$UPDT         ;ADD 59 SECS TO TIME IN BUFFER
Errors - none -