77h UT$SPLT find a token
Input X register - Address of buffer to split field from.
UTW_S0 - Length of buffer.
A register - Field separator character.
B register - Field number to be split out.
Output If field was found then
X register - Address of field.
D register - Length of field.
C flag - Clear.


UTW_S0 - Number of fields less than input
specification, in the buffer.
C flag - Set.

Description Finds the address and length of a field in a buffer where the fields are separated by the character specified. No separator character is expected at the end of the last field. The first field has field number 0.

If the field does not exist within the buffer, then 0 is returned in the X register, and UTW_S0 holds the input field number minus the number of fields found in the buffer. That is, if the sixth field is required and the buffer contains only two fields, 4 will be returned in UTW_S0.

Example Code to find address and length of the sixth field in a 500-byte buffer, with the separator character ':' between fields.
        LDX     #BUFFER
        LDD     #500                    ; length of BUFFER
        STD     UTW_S0
        LDAA    #3Ah                    ; separator is a colon
        LDAB    #5                      ; 6th field has field number 5
        OS      UT$SPLT
        BCS     NOT_FOUND               ; C-flag set if not found
Errors - none -