7Dh UT$YSNO do a yes/no query
Input - none -
Output B register - The key pressed.
C-flag - Set for 'Y' or 'y' pressed.
- Clear for 'N', 'n' or ON/CLEAR.
Description Waits for 'Y', 'y', 'N', 'n' or ON/CLEAR to be pressed, returning the key pressed in B. If 'Y' or 'y' pressed, return C-flag set. If 'N', 'n' or ON/CLEAR, return C-flag clear.

UT$YSNO calls KB$STAT to set the keyboard to alpha shift, so the previous keyboard status will be destroyed.

On foreign language organisers (or multilingual ones) 'Y'/'N' are translated to the selected language.

Errors - none -