A6h WL$ENTR call world application
Input B register - Function number
Output - none -

This is the correct way into the LZ World application from machine code - do not search the main menu for "World" and its address, as its name changes in multi-lingual versions.

  • Function 0 - Initialises the world application. It sets the base to be London, Paris or Bonn depending on the language byte (btb_lang). The initial city is always set to New York Manhattan.
  • Function 1 - Runs the world application exactly as in the top level.
  • Function 2 - Gets the base city and country names into the run time buffer. Returns with the city name at rtt_bf+100 and the country name at rtt_bf+120. Both are length byte strings. If the current base is a country (so there is no city) then the country is promoted to the city field and the country field is blank.

This call is not available on CM/XP machines.

Errors - none -