A8h XF$ENTR call Find/Save/Xfiles application, search data files
Input B register - Function number.
Output depends on function, see below.

This is the correct way into the LZ XFILES application from machine code - do not search the main menu for "Xfiles" and its address, as its name changes in multi-lingual versions.

Also Provides an entry point to the FIND and SAVE options in the top-level menu of the LZ.

There are 6 functions available:

  • Function 0 - Initialises the current XFILES file to be MAIN.
  • Function 1 - Enters the XFILES application as if from the top-level menu.
  • Function 2 - Search data files on all devices for the string in RTT_FF (length in RTB_FL).
    Output Values:
    • Carry set if not found, or found and then EXE pressed.
    • If carry clear and B=1 the mode key was pressed.
    • Else if carry clear and B=0 the ON/CLEAR was pressed or an error occurred.
  • Function 3 - Find in a file as from a top-level filename that has been inserted into the menu by the user. The file is search for on all packs in the order A;, B:, C: and if found made the current file in XFILES. UTW_S0 points to the name of the file to be opened.
  • Function 4 - Runs the top-level FIND function
  • Function 5 - Runs the top-level SAVE function

This call is not available on CM/XP machines.

Errors - none -